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English sms jokes

Sorry, the fuckmachine is out of order, so fuck yourself and save a quarter.
If you erase this message u owe me a kiss, if you save this message u owe me sex, if you send this message 2 anyone u owe me both so when do i collect???
Sex drugs rock & roll, speed weed & birth control , life a bitch & then u die, so fuck the world & lets get high! send this to 5 people or have 7 yrs bad SEX.
Ur so sexy, ur so fine! u no how 2 blow my mind! rub me down and rub me up, stk ur cock rite up my muff!
Bak 2 bak, front 2 front, on d table, lick d cunt, stick it in, do ur ting, do it hard & make her sing, tense ur body feel d cum, den let it rip into her bum!
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